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New updated Web site coming soon

Posted by DouglasM on October 17, 2019

New updated Web site coming soon


October 17, 2019 at 1:44 PM

Updated EZ Main.png

EZ7 HMI series, the Detachable touch screen that solves the #1 Life span and durability problem in an HMI touch screen

EZPanel PC NEMA 4/4X preloaded with SCADA software unlimited TAGS

EZ12 HMI series is the Sleek and Slim model with EZMount that eliminates the need for any DIN clips or studs

EZminiWifi allows a laptop to communicate to HMI 50 ft. away, no need for communication cables

EZTouch/PLC series HMI+PLC Integrated in one unit with All-in-One Seamless software new small fixed I/O and flex I/O units to choose from.

EZPLC series many new additions to this range includes fixed I/O and flex I/O units.

The above is a brief summary of our new products released, in the meantime for more information on all the new equipment please upload the supplemental PDF brochure

NEW EZProducts Supplemental Brochure.pdf


EZ7HMI The Detachable Removable Front datasheet.pdf 

EZ12HMI with built-in EZmount Selection guide & specs.pdf