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Industrial Touch Computer

Stable Industrial Platform, CPU Guaranteed for 7 years

Best Display Brightness, Anti-Glare Touchscreen.

Windows CE® based computers are increasingly finding their way in the industrial automation world due to the fact that they do not need a hard disk and yet provide the benefits of the Windows world like Internet Browsers, etc. The EZSeries CE Touchscreen Computeris a 333 MHz CE Computer housed in the EZTouch housing. It comes in 8 models including a 6” White on Blue display that allows us to offer a full fledged Industrial CE Touch Computer at an incredible $599.


  • AMD Alchemy 333 MHz 32Bit Processor
  • Built-in 32MB Flash and 64MB RAM
  • Compact Flash slot
  • One 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port
  • USB Host port
  • 2 Serial ports, one RS232, second RS232/422/485
  • 4 wire Analog resistive touch screen
  • 24 VDC, 0.5 Amp for up to 10” models
  • Network card option for future expansion
  • Mechanical/hardware interface to build EZPLC and EZI/O in the same housing, for future release
  • Choice of 8 displays


  • Windows CE.net® 4.2 Core preloaded in standard model with Compact Framework
  • Windows CE.net® 4.2 Professional Plus preloaded in Enhanced model, with Internet Explorer and Viewer software
  • SDK for Software Development

If you like to write or use your own HMI/SCADA/Control software to use on a standard Windows CE® hardware, The EZSeries CE TouchScreen Computer is an ideal platform to consider. It has been designed to work reliably in an industrial plant versus just off CE environments. It has very low power consumption so that no fans or large heat sinks are required to maintain acceptable operating temperatures. This EZSeries CE TouchScreen Computer will work from -10°C to 60°C for most models.

The Windows CE OS needs only 16-20 MB of memory as compared to 100+ MB for Windows XP or even XP embedded. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of the world of Windows without the use of moving media like a hard disc.