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Thin Profile Highly Integrated Motherboard

The EZ CE Touchscreen Computer's motherboard is a highly integrated board with power supply, alchemy CPU, RAM, Flash, slot for compactflash, LCD driver, Ethernet, and all other communication hardware on a single board which is only 1.125" thick. This motherboard is designed and manufactured in the US.


Built-In 32 MB Compact Flash

The EZSeries CE Touchscreen Computer has a built-in 32 MB of Flash memory. This is in addition to having a socket for the traditional external compact flash modules. This feature in many applications eliminates the need to have external flash modules plugged-into the computer.

When comparing the EZSeries CE Touch Screen computer with our competitors, this is an important feature to keep in mind. External flash not only costs additional money, this is an extra piece of hardware that would otherwise be needed to operate the system.

Superb Brightness, Crisp Display, Touch Screen with Built-In Anti Glare

The EZSeries CE Touchscreen Computers have the best display brightness, clarity, temperature specification and come with built-in anti-glare screen. Most of our competitors require an additional screen to be put on top of their normal touch screen. Without the anti-glare cover, many touch screen panels reflect light, making it difficult to see the display.

Bright-ness (nits) /
Bulb Half Life on Models
EZSeries CE TouchScreen Computer
6" TFT color 470 nits 
75,000 hrs
8" TFT color 370 nits 
54,000 hrs
10" TFT color 400 nits 
50,000 hrs