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Anatomy of the Most Incredible Industrial/PLC I/O in the World

EZI/O is a new revolutionary concept in Industrial/PLC I/O. Instead of the traditional PLC I/O that mounts vertically in horizontal back plane, EZI/O modules snap horizontally into the back plane. This allows very compact construction which not only provides high functionality, it retains and even enhances features found only in world class I/O costing 10 times more. This new concept has 5 patents pending.

As you see from the pictures above, here is what you get in a compact 2x2x1" output module for just $19:

  • 8 Outputs rated at 0.5 Amp. each
  • 2500 V Optical isolation for each output
  • Short circuit protection for each output
  • Status indicator for each output right next to the wiring terminal
  • Snap in module construction
  • 11 point removable phoenix terminal block capable of 4 of 22 AWG or 2 of 18 AWG wires for each terminal point
  • Wiring duct for routing field wires.
Old Traditional Back plane Construction:
I/O Modules plug in a vertical plane
New Paradigm Shift : High Performance Small Profile I/O 2x2x1" Modules plug in a horizontal plane

Choice of Snap-in or Screw-down I/O Module

For most applications the original snap-in I/O modules have been more than adequate from a shock and vibration point of view. However, some customers have indicated a preference of having the traditional screw-down mechanism of other PLCs and their I/O modules. As a result we decided to tool screw-down versions of all EZPLCs as well as EZI/O. The rest of all functionality remains the same.

  • The EZPLC with screw-down I/O offers the following advantagse:
  • Better shock and vibration immunity
  • Less prone to shipping damage (particularly if the control panel is shipped with I/O upside down) Less likelihood of customer not inserting the module correctly resulting in electronics damage
  • A more positive Locking Mechanism