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Compact, Powerful, Flexible I/O that is Sensibly Priced

ezio-menu.jpgYou will demand a lot more from your current supplier after you look at these features...

  • Snap-in or Screw-down Modules
  • Extremely Compact Design
  • I/O Status LED Indicator
  • Mix-n-Match I/O Module
  • And More!

Incredible World Class PLC I/O

EZ I/O is a total paradigm shift in Industrial/PLC I/O. It is extremely compact, extremely flexible, completely modular, has intelligent I/O modules, and it is designed with industrial use in mind such as quick and easy replacement of a defective module without disconnecting and reconnecting field wiring. EZ I/O modules can be used in two ways...

  • As plug-in modules for EZ PLC
  • As plug-in modules for Remote I/Os that are controlled by a master device such as a PLC, a soft PLC, or an industrial computer; the master communicates to the EZ Remote I/O over modbus RTU, modbus TCP/IP, or DeviceNet or Profibus.

EZ I/O Sports...

  • All digital Inputs/Outputs are optically isolated 8-point real world Inputs or Outputs
  • Digital or 12-bit Analog Input/Output
  • Thermocouple inputs
  • 24-bit High Speed counter and PLS
  • Interrupt modules for a total of 40 micro sec. throughput
  • DC outputs 24V DC @ 0.5A short circuit proof
  • AC outputs 120V AC @ 1A
  • Relay outputs 200V @ 1A
  • Analog modules 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA with 12 bit resolution
  • LED status indication for all digital I/O, next to I/O terminal
  • LED status indication for power on Analog module
  • 4 In/4 Out wide variety of "mix-n-match" Digital and Analog I/O module
  • RTD Input module
  • EZ to snap in and snap out
  • EZ to wire removable phoenix plug-in terminal blocks, capable of connecting 2 of 18 gauge or 4 of 22 gauge wires
  • Wiring duct for EZ routing of wires

Note: We will soon be introducing PWM and other intelligent modules.

EZ I/O is a world class PLC I/O at an incredible price. A world class PLC I/O means :

  • Should be able to easily plug into the PLC rack
  • Should have a removable terminal block for field wiring, to allow quick replacement of a defective I/O module without having to remove and reconnect field wires
  • Should have a wiring duct for routing the field wires
  • Should have optical isolation for discrete I/O to keep electrical noise away from the CPU
  • Should have I/O status indicators for field troubleshooting