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Industrial Marquee Message LED Display

Easy Connect to DeviceNet, Profibus & Ethernet TCP/IP


ezmarquee_ethernet.jpgAll our Industrial Marquee LED models are available with built-in high speed Ethernet TCP/IP communication interface in addition to RS232 and RS422/485 communication ports. This interface allows our Industrial LED Marquee display to reside on a 10/100 Mbps TCP/IP network (10 Base/100 Base T Ethernet) via an RJ45 port. Use Ethernet LED Marquee models for easy networking of our Industrial LED Marquees with 100 meters being the maximum distance between two nodes. For distances greater than 100 meters repeaters can be used to extend the distance between any two nodes. For details on how to send messages to our Industrial LED Marquee over Ethernet, refer to our Marquee manual.


ezmarquee_devicenet.jpgEZAutomation Industrial LED Marquee models when ordered with built-in DeviceNet Slave communication interface provide DeviceNet connectivity in addition to RS232 and RS422/485 communication ports. DeviceNet communication interface for the Industrial LED Marquee provides a digital, multi-drop network that can be used for communicating with DeviceNet enabled controllers and I/O devices. On DeviceNet network every device acts as a node and allows multiple communication hierarchies and prioritization of messages. EZAutomation LED Marquee with DeviceNet communication interface can be configured in a master-slave control architecture as a slave node and allows peer-peer communication. DeviceNet control system provides a single point of connection both for configuration and support for I/O as well as explicit messaging.


ezmarquee_profibus.jpgAll our Industrial Marquee models are available with built-in Profibus Slave communication interface in addition to RS232 and RS422/485 communication ports. This gives our Industrial LED Marquee the ability to link with a Profibus Master Controller. Profibus is a vendor independent open field bus protocol standard in manufacturing automation and process control. It reduces hard-wiring costs and provides specifications for information exchanged between nodes of a Profibus network. This communication interface provides the ability to transfer data between a Profibus master and our Industrial LED Marquee.The Profibus communication interface also has an auto-detect feature for the baud rate of the Profibus network.

FREE String Generator Software

EZAutomation Industrial Marquee comes with Free String Generator Software that makes it very EZ to program messages into it. Since our Industrial LED Marquee is a slave marquee that displays messages sent in ASCII format, it is necessary to convert messages written in any language into an ASCII string. For English, we offer a Free software that performs this function literally in seconds.

You can preview messages and generate ASCII strings which can be simply copied and pasted into the PLC ladder logic or in Visual Basic scripting to interface with SCADA packages. This software is also extremely useful when connecting the EZ Marquee simply to your PC.

Lightweight and Energy Efficient

EZ Marquee was designed from the ground up to be SENSIBLE. When designing a marquee, one of the biggest challenges is to manage the power. Even though each LED may need only 10 mA of steady state current or 80-100 mA of peak current, the number of LEDs in even a small marquee is quite large.

Most competitive marquees use rather inefficient power supplies and would thus use approximately 200 watts. That is a lot of power which results in a significant increase in internal temperature causing them to design Thermal Overloads or sometimes even Fans to keep the marquee cool. AB’s Inview or Adaptive marquees for example are rated at 55° C but have an automatic dim down at 55° C and an automatic shutdown at 70° C.

Not so with EZ Marquee! With AVG’s innovation and vertical integration strength, we have designed the EZMarquee to consume 1/3rd of typical power and have used a very efficient power switching system (Patent Pending) without sacrificing the LED luminous intensity. This innovative and efficient design automatically results in reducing the weight of EZ Marquee, typically by half of the competitors.