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Industrial LED Marquee Message Display
Communication has never been so easy!


It has been well recognized by manufacturing professionals that Industrial LED Message Displays in a plant improve productivity. Large industrial LED Marquee displays, visible up to 400 ft away, communicate vital information to both employees and management.

Industrial LED Display information typically consists of:

  • Production rates
  • Downtime percentage
  • Alarm messages
  • Process conditions
  • Critical data variables
  • Operator Instructions
  • Safety messages

Most production machines or manufacturing lines produce anywhere from $500 to $50,000 of revenue per hour. Assuming 50% of the revenue to be material costs and the rest to be labour and overhead, you can quickly determine that even 1% increase in productivity means a savings of at least $2.50 per hour, which translates to at least $100 per week savings. You can calculate the rest!

Before the introduction of our Industrial LED Marquee display, many plants have considered Industrial LED message displays to be too expensive from the point of hardware, software, and system implementation cost.

The cost and features of this new revolutionary product has altered this business dynamic for good. Our Industrial LED Marquee display is a paradigm shift in Industrial message displays for the following reasons:

  • An Incredible price point per 5x7 pixel 2" character, for most models
  • RED or TRICOLOR Industrial Marquee Display LED option
  • Better readability with full 5x7 pixel matrix as compared to truncated 4x5 pixel characters on some competitive models
  • Easily connect our LED Industrial Marquees to any PLC
  • Easy to connect to DeviceNet, Profibus and Ethernet TCP/IP at incredibly low prices
  • Accept ASCII messages over RS232 or RS422/485 or Ethernet from your PC etc.
  • Scroll and blink messages
  • International character set
  • Multiple Industrial LED Marquees on the same network
  • 2", 4", 6" or 8" character height
  • Mix character heights on the same line
  • NEMA 12 water proof construction
  • HALT/HASS tested for shock & vibration
  • Electrical noise immunity better than most PLCs
  • Major regulatory agency approvals
  • Half the weight, 1/3rd of the power consumption
  • No over-heating, no thermal shut down, full operation to 60°C
  • Matched LEDs for uniform brightness over life
  • Free string generator software
  • Completely programmable at 1/3rd the cost of typical "add-ons"
  • Easy connection of our Industrial LED Marquees to EZPLC for a extremely low cost stand-alone production monitoring system
  • Terrific Stand-Alone system to display process conditions
  • Analogue Process display and control