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HMI Touch Screen Panel     

The EZ Series HMI Touch Screen panel was introduced in 2001. They have since become one of the most popular brand of PLC operator Touch panels primarily due to its ease of programming and a very aggressive price point. In January of 2005, the EZ Series HMI Touch panel was recognized by six different magazines' readership surveys as the highest overall value PLC touch panel in North America.

We made an easy to use, simple HMI touch operator panel that will save you a lot of engineering hours and design time due to its simplicity and ease of use. You don't need prior programming knowledge to design a screen. You do not need to attend any classes to learn how to program the EZSeries HMI Touch Screen panel. It is Intuitive, it is Simple!

New HMI Touch Panel Screen Enhancements

HMI Project Simulation (featured above)
Simulate projects before transferring to panel: Interact, Navigate and Debug right on your PC even BEFORE transferring to your panel – A tremendous time saving feature. 

4 New Unicode-Enabled Objects (featured above) 
Use any Font installed on your PC including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc, with Unicode-enabled objects. Now you can create screens for your overseas market/ operators.

Pick and Apply Styles
Program one object to your liking (color, size, etc), then use these features to pick the programmed style and apply it to any number of similar objects in one click.

Language Import/Export
Easily program multiple language strings in objects. Export all text strings to a spreadsheet; Have a translator fill-in the corresponding text in other language(s); Import the spreadsheet back in the project to make it multi-lingual.

Free Sizing of HMI Touch Panel Objects
HMI Touch objects are no more constrained to touch cells; tweak touch objects for creating aesthetically pleasing screen designs.

Bitmap Creation/Editing
Edit images in any of the bit map objects from within the editor, e.g. modify selected pixels, delete pixels, add pixels, etc.

New Image Formats for Bitmap Objects
Now import JPEG, ICO, and GIF images (for example company logos, product images readily available on your company's website) in the Bitmap Objects.

Display Tag Name/Address on Objects
A convenient feature during screen development eliminating time-consuming tag lookup or the need to remember tag-object associations.

Monitor Tag Values on your HMI Touch Panel
A debug tool, particularly useful, if your PLC has only one Port with EZTouch HMI panel connected to it; Monitor PLC tag values on your PC through the panel.

Single File Project Saving
Save your project in a convenient single file, easy to back up and copy.

Project File Packager for Easy Distribution
A feature for distributing and automatically upgrading screen design projects for EZSeries Touch panels. OEMs can save cost and time on field service calls while protecting their design projects by using this feature.

Overlapping of Objects
Activate multiple touch objects with a single touch, and place objects in a heavily-populated screen without worrying few pixel overlap between objects.

And Many More HMI Touch Panel Features...