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EZ Remote Monitoring and Control

Remote Monitoring and Control (RMC) allows the user to monitor and control the touchpanel anywhere in the world where there is internet. This feature is available in EZSeries Touchpanels irrespective of the Operating System. In case of Touchpanels using Proprietary Operating System the panel has two processors. One is used for HMI functionality including communication to the PLC whereas the second processor residing on the RMC option card is used for Remote Monitoring and Control In the case of EZSeries Touchpanel CE Operating System the same processor handles both functions.

The EZRMC web server card (EZ-WEB-DATA) plugs into the extension connector of the EZSeries Touchpanels. It has an Ethernet Port that allows a PC anywhere in the world to view any screen in the Panel in Real-Time as well as control the operation of the Panel using your mouse. This card can also be configured to send Emails from the Panel. As a side benefit RMC card also gives you the ability to store up to 2GB of Data in an optional SD card on-board.

With EZRMC software (EZ-SOFT-REMOTE) installed in your PC you could monitor any screen on the Touchpanel addressed by the software in Real Time allowing system troubleshooting and/or management review of the machine opertaion.

Incredible EZ Data Acquisition System

Most Plants today would like the option of collecting data of a machine on a process to improve its productivity. History always teaches you what not to do and how to succeed in improving performance.

EZ Series HMI Touchpanels provide this capability in a very simple EZ Format. You do not even need to have an Ethernet option on the HMI. All you have to do is to connect the RS232 port on the Touchpanel to your PC. EZ Daq Software costing only $99 when installed on your PC can select any tag you want to monitor on the PLC / Panel, watch the data coming in real time (as compared to receiving only a snap-shot of the available when certain event occurs) and plot it into an X-cel sheet automatically. Time intervals on event triggers can be selected from a wide range of option.

For multiple panels or if you wish to collect data over Ethernet, EZ DAQ will service that as well.