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EZWindows CE HMI Feature Comparisons with C-More
Sl No. Features EZAutomation
EZSeries CE Touchpanel
Automation Direct 
1. Open Platform HMI Windows CE Open for use by customer Even though CE Platform but closed to the user
2. Edit HMI Application on HMI itself, No Laptops Yes, With Unique Built - In Quik Edit change colors, sizes, tag/address, Add or Delete Screens.. No
3. View Video on HMI Yes, Mpeg Video No
4. View Word Files Yes No
5. View Excel files Yes


6. View Power Point files Yes No
7. View PDF Files Yes No
8. View .Mpeg Videos Yes No
9. Web Browsing Yes No
10. Custom VB or C++ Applications Yes No
11. .Net Compact Framework Support Yes No
12. Remote Monitoring & Control YES, with PC software NO
13. Send Emails Automatically Under Development Yes
14. Ease of Programming Eziest and Fastest programming 2 Times Longer in a Benchmark test
15. On-Line Programming YES, No Downtime whatsoever to make a change !! NO
16. On Screen Recipe Edit YES, allows fine tuning of Recipe on Touch Panel, without PC NO
17. FDA Compliant YES NO
18. Display Brightness

See Individual Model, 10% - 20% more Brightness than Best in class for most Models

See Individual Model
19. Bulb Life 10% - 20% more Life than the Best in Class for most Models See Individual Model
20. Backlight Field Replacement Can be done but cumbersome Little easier still cumbersome
21. Outdoor Readability Low power consumption, Transflective, 6" and 10" Models starting $1499 Not Available
22. Touch Screen Resolution Analog resistive Analog resistive
23. Built - In Anti Glare screen Yes, No effect on visibility No, Optional Anti Glare Cover reduces Visibility
24. Hard Surface Touch Screens 0.090 inch Thick Paper thin Touch Screen
25. Brightness at Elevated Temperatures Best in Class, TFT Models rated from 55 - 60 Deg C 50 Deg C
26. PLC / Network Drivers 90% of Installed PLCs and Networks including DH + / RIO, Modbus Plus, CC Link, Profibus, DeviceNet, SRTP, etc. Mostly Limited to Basic Drivers for Low End PLCs, No Drivers for Siemens and High End Allen Bradley
27. Ethernet Protocols 7 : EtherNet/IP for ControlLogix,MicroLogix and SLC 500, Modbus TCP/IP, SRTP, DirectLogic Ethernet, EZPLC on same Model Limited ContolLogix, DirectLogic, No MicroLogix, Modbus TCP/IP, No SRTP
28. Data Acquisition EZ Data Acquisition for any Tag thru RS232 or Ethernet Port, Data stored in Compact Flash or logged to Main Frame Computers through Ethernet, Historical Data can be viewd right on the panel, $99 EZ Daq Software for trending in Excel Limited Data collection in NotePad need transfer to a PC from the flash card or the USB Drive, 3 rd party software to go to Excel, Data cannot be transferred through Ethernet, Historical Data can not be viewed on the HMI
29. OEM / SI Utility YES, OEM/SI can upgrade user program without having Programming software NO
30. Design Protection for OEM/SI YES, Entire Project password protected NO
31. Alarm Management and History Free placement of Alarm banner and advanced Alarm History management Alarm banner fixed
32. Recipe Management Available across all Models Available across all Models
33. Animation Objects YES YES
34. Project Simulation YES YES
35. Foreign Languages / Unicode Support Yes, All Fonts, Langauges and sripts supported by Unicode Limited to 10 Langauges, doesnot Support Unicode
36. Flash Memory 32 MB 32 MB
37. RAM Memory 64 MB 256 KB
38. Memory Utilization Extremely Condensed Vector Graphics Less than 1KB for this guage !  Bitmap Graphics need huge memory
39. Same Hardware and Software for all Models YES, Same Feature set across entire Family YES, But some Models do not have HIgh-end Features
40. 3-D Objects Some of the best looking Objects in an HMI Some of the best looking Objects in an HMI
41. Trend Object Copyrighted Trend Object with VCR type control to review past history  
42. Bitmap Buttons YES across all Models YES across all Models
43. Photo Editor within Programming Software YES, Patent Pending NO
44. Monitor Tag Values in PC when connected to PLC YES, Real-time monitoring NO
45. Pick and Apply Styles YES, Saves lot of time NO
46. Display Tag Names/ adresses on Objects YES, Great trouble shooting aid NO
47. Overlapping Objects YES YES
48. Thumbwheel for Numeric Entry YES YES
49. Symbol Library 4000 Built-In symbols 4000 Built-In symbols
50. Multi-state Bitmap Object YES YES
51. Multi-state Indicator Objects YES YES
52. Instant Mouse Over View of Colors YES, Great time saving tool saves trial and error NO
53. Visibility Control for all Objects YES, Saves screen space  
54. Modem Support YES, Convenient for simple Dial-up connection NO
55. Transition from Dedicated Operating system to Windows operating system EZ Touch and EZCE Touch Panel have a seamless transition. Programming software is the same. HMI Applications are transparent and thus can be run on either panel No