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What is the EZ PLC Micro?

EZPLC Micro is the most innovative & cost effective PLC in its class. It comprises of 48 I/O, Counters / Timers / Relays / Sequencers & Analog I/O, Large terminal blocks & it offers more capabilities in a smaller package, while increasing application flexibility.

EZPLC Micro has a unique feature which allows it to store PLC Process data in its Non-volatile flash memory instead of a traditional battery backed-up RAM.

Where does it make sense?

At the price of $199 for 16 Digital Input & 8 Relay Output and $299 for additional 8 Analog I/O, the EZ Micro PLC will be attractive for Mid-size applications. With this incredible PLC you can have some quite powerful features even in very lowcost applications, yet it can expand to 256 I/O.

What does it have?

  • 24 Discrete Digital Input pointa
  • 8 Relay Ouput points
  • 8 Digital Ouput points (Source)
  • 8 Analog In/Out (Voltage/Current)
  • Total Program/Data memory 64K
  • Fast scantime, 5ms for 1K instructions
  • Powerful Ladder Logic instruction set
  • RS232 communication port
  • Supports ASCII In/Out instructions
  • EZ to use programming software
  • User program stored in Flash
  • 8 Auto-tuned PID loops
  • Retentivity for Tag values
  • Two configurable 20 KHz Inputs
  • Optional RS 485 port for expansion to 256 I/O
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