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What is the EZPLC Jr?

EZPLC Jr. is the most innovative PLC in its class. It is packed with power only found in high end PLC’s that cost 3 to 5 times more. It also sports the most flexible I/O in the industry.

Where does it make sense?

At the price of $69 for the base and 8 point plug-in world class I/O with LED indicators for each output, for just $22, the EZPLC Jr. will be attractive for even small applications otherwise using relay logic or intelligent relays. With this incredible PLC you can have some quite powerful features even in very low-cost machines.

What does it have?

  • 32 Modular I/O
  • Extremely flexible 8 point I/O models
  • Total Program/Data memory 64K
  • Fast scantime, 5ms for 1K instructions
  • Powerful Ladder Logic instruction set
  • Patent Pending Free Flow Logic
  • RS232 communication port
  • Supports ASCII In/Out instructions
  • Extremely cost effective Analog I/O
  • 100 kHz counter module with PLS
  • Interrupt Input
  • EZ to use programming software
  • User program stored in Flash
  • 8 Auto-tuned PID loops    
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EZPLC - X 32 Specifications 02/04/15560.74 KBPDF
EZPLC - X 48 Specifications 02/04/15493.82 KBPDF
EZPLC - X 64 Specifications 02/04/15555.56 KBPDF
EZPLC - X 96 Specifications 02/04/15496.93 KBPDF