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EZ PPS - First DIN-Mount Programmable Power Supply with Built-in Display/Diagnostics

Programmable Power Supply with Display

window-01.png 3 Digit LED Display for Voltage Class 2 for up to 90W Models
window-02.png 2 Digit LED Display for Current window-04.png Programmable Current Limit
window-03.png Maint. Timer Remaining Time
1.2 K Hrs
window-05.png Adjustable Voltage Setting

Why an EZ Power Supply with display?

Too often maintenance engineers are concerned about the DC voltage and current draw from their Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) in the control panel. With a typical power supply you will need to have a volt meter and a clamp current meter to find out the load on the SMPS. EZPPS changes this forever. In addition all SMPS’s have limited life due to the electrolytic capacitors, and dependent on the current draw and the temperature of the power supply. EZPPS keeps track of total number of hours it has been ON and provides an alarm for preventive maintenance and replacement before the power supply dies a sudden death.

Benefits of NEC National Electric Code Class 2

NEC is the source of the Class 2 circuit definition, which limits the max. voltage and current. Such Class 2 circuits have reduced requirements regarding wire size, derating factors, overcurrent protection, insulation, wiring methods and installation materials. Considering Class 2 in a system can be an important factor for reducing the cost and improving the flexibility of the system. Especially when the voltage level of the control circuits is shifted from AC 120V to a DC voltage with 24V