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EZ Viz Prox Technical Specifications
Type Flush Non-Flush Flush Non-Flush Flush Non-Flush Flush Non-Flush
Housing Construction Stainless Steel SS304 Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel SS304 (Triple sense only in Stainless Steel SS304)
Sensing Distance (Standard) 2.0mm (0.079in) 2.5mm (0.098in) 2.5mm (0.098in) 4.0mm (0.157in) 5.0mm (0.196in) 8.0mm (0.315in) 10.0mm (0.393in) 15.0mm (0.590in)
Sensing Distance (Triple Sense) 4.0mm (0.157in) 6.0mm (0.236in) 6.0mm (0.236in) 10.0mm (0.393in) 12.0mm (0.472in) 18.0mm (0.709in) Under development
Metal Sensing Material Factor Steel Type FE 360 - S(n) x 1.00, Brass - S(n) x 0.64, Aluminum - S(n) x 0.55, Copper - S(n) x 0.51,
Stainless Steel (V2A) - S(n) x 0.85
Differential Hystersis 2-10%
Repeat Accuracy Better than 2% of sensing distance
Supply Voltage 10-30VDC with <10% ripple
No Load Supply Current ≤20mA
Load Current Maximum 100mA Maximum 200mA Maximum 400mA
Leakage Current ≤10μA
Voltage Drop 1.2 volts maximum
Output Logic PNP sourcing transistor or NPN sinking transistor “ON” when target within sensing range,
“OFF“ if no target, for NO models. Reverse logic for NC models
Light Ring Indicators LED Light Ring Indicator turns ON when output transistor is ON
Time delay before availability (tv) 100ms maximum
Power & Output Voltage Protection Reverse polarity protection for power, Short-circuit protection for output with automatic recovery and transient voltage protection for output for typical inductive load
Operating Temperature / Drift -25° to + 70° C (-13° to 158° F), Drift of sensing range <10%
Protection Degree IEC IP 67, NEMA 6P
Agency Approvals cUL, UL pending
Sensing Face materials PBT
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