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EZ Remote I/O in 32, 48, 64, and 96 I/O Bases


Where does it make sense?


EZ Remote I/O makes sense in practically all PLC or PC based control systems. For example, you may want to add low cost analog I/O to your MicroLogix 1100 or add PWM capability to MicroLogix 1200. PLC CPU remains the same, eliminating the need to learn new Ladder Logic software. However you can reduce the system cost as much as 50%.


What does it have?


  • EZ Remote I/Os are available in four building blocks (32, 48, 64 & 96 I/O bases)
  • 8-2048 system I/O capability
  • Extremely flexible 8 point I/O models
  • Two integrated communication ports RS232 and RS422/485
  • RS422/485 supports Modbus RTU or ASCII protocol
  • Ethernet with Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, EZIP, DeviceNet or Profibus option
  • Extremely cost effective Analog I/O
  • 100 kHz counter module with PLS outputs, 250 kHz PWM module
  • Interrupt Input
  • EZ to use Remote I/O configuration software
  • Modular Snap-in Discrete and analog I/O modules on the base
  • Discrete and analog I/O modules with removable terminal blocks
  • AC / DC Combo I/O modules are available at an incredible price
  • Mixed Analog and Discrete I/O modules are also available