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<strong>EZSeries Text</strong>panel

Drivers for Most PLCs, including Allen Bradley DH 485

EZSeries Textpanels are the most sensible PLC Textpanels. Unlike many of our competitors, these support a vast number of serial drivers such as Aromat, Idec, CTC, Omron, Allen-Bradley, GE, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Siemens, Yaskawa, Parker-Hannifan, Baldor, AutomationDirect and EZPLC. 

Following are the list of communication drivers supported by EZSeries Textpanels:

  • Aromat Mewtocol COMEZPLC
  • Allen-Bradley DF1 (PLC-5, SLC 5/03/04/05, MicroLogix 1000, 1200 and 1500)
  • Allen-Bradley DH485
  • Control Technology Corp. (CTC) - CTC2600, 2700 and 5100 (CTC Binary)
  • Idec Computer Link
  • Modicon MODBUS RTU
  • Yaskawa
  • Parker-Hannifan
  • Baldor
  • GE Fanuc SNPX (90/30, 90/70)
  • All Mitsubishi FX Series (direct, multidrop)
  • Omron Host Link (C200 and C500)
  • Siemens S7 MPI Adapter series PLCs (S7 300/400)
  • DirectLOGIC PLCs
  • Texas Instruments - TI5x5 Series, TI505, TI545-1102, TI545-1104 (Transparent Byte Protocol or Non-Intelligent Terminal Protocol)

Replaces Obselete AB Data Liners

Data Liners DL20 & DL40 series from Allen Bradley that were introduced in the market in early 1980's, have now been obsoleted for well over 5 years. Rockwell recommends the use of its P22R Inview LED based product that is not only quite expensive, it presents a difficult transition problem as the hardware and software are completely different. P22R is much bigger in size as compared to the original Data-Liners.

The EZSeries Textpanels cost almost 1/4th the price of AB Data Liners. All series of EZSeries Textpanels support DH - 485 protocol. 

EZSeries Textpanels can be a easy replacement for obsolete AB Data Liners due to its low price and support of DH-485 communication protocol.

Bright Vaccum Fluorescent Display

EZSeries Textpanels EZ-220V and EZ-220PV are built with Vacuum Fluorescent Displays instead of the regular LCD. VFD provides greater visibility and wider viewing angle of ±60 degrees.

Even though VFD is not viewable under direct sunlight, these VFD based EZSeries Textpanels can be used in outdoor environment because of the NEMA 4 rating of these HMIs. LCD based Textpanels simply wash out in an outdoor setting.

Unique High Bright Programmable Annunciator Lamps Save Costs

The Annunciator lamps on EZ 220P and EZ 220PV models are visible from a distance of more than 20 feet. Most of the Textpanels in the industry including C-More Micro do not have these unique Annunciator lamps. C-More Micro and other text panel manufacturers typically need external annunciator lamps which costs additional money for not only lamps but also wiring. EZ-220P and EZ-220PV has 3 annunciator lamps, each of which can be programmed for 3 different colors (Red, Yellow and Green).

A small example can illustrate the importance of annunciator lamps. If we need to show the temperature status of three sections of an oven, the unique Annunciator lamps can be configured each for 3 different colors, Red for Temperature Too high, Yellow for Temperature in Caution zone and Green for Temperature OK. Thus by configuring this on the Text panel the user can save at least $150 or more by not having to provide external lamps and wiring. Even though C-More Micro has the capability of switching background colors, it can not display three colors simultaneously.

The Annunciator lamps are configured similar to pushbuttons. Once you have selected the starting address in the PLC, all of the lamp colors will be identified by the bit pairs. The color that the lamp illuminates depends on the bit assignment of the address selected. 

For example, if bit 0 is OFF and bit 1 is ON, the first lamp is Green. If bit 2 is ON and bit 3 is ON, the lamp is Yellow. If bit 4 is ON and bit 5 is OFF, the third lamp will be RED. The color code chart below, which is shown in our programming software, indicates which color would be shown based on the bit values.

Every EZSeries Text Panel is shipped with printable label sheets along with Microsoft Word template for customizing Annunciator lights. Installing EZSeries Text Enhanced software will give you access to “EZSeries Text_Enhanced_Inserts.DOC” in EZSeries Text Enhanced Panel directory. Use this word document to print your desired labels for annunciator lights on the label sheets provided. Cut the label sheet to the right size using the trim marks provided and follow the instructions.

256 Messages With 3 Embedded Variables Each

EZSeries Text panel has the capability of storing and displaying upto a total of 256 messages. The message can be a Local message which the operator may scroll through to view the Machine/PLC data or the message can be a PLC message triggered by the PLC to show for example an alarm condition.PLC Messages always override the Local messages when PLC triggers a message. All these messages can have upto three variables referencing PLC memory locations. Each line of the EZSeries Text panel can have its own message. Thus, all of the EZSeries Text family panels have the capability of displaying upto 768 variables.

Local Messages: Local messages are created within a folder / subfolder type hierarchy. These messages can contain up to Three Embedded variables which will reference memory locations inside the PLC. During normal operation Operator can scroll, view or enter a new values into embedded variables located inside the message through control Pushbuttons or Numeric keypad.

PLC Messages: "PLC Type" messages are controlled by a single word memory location of a PLC. These messages have the highest priority and they overwrite any Local messages that might exist on a Text panel at any given time. When these messages are entered in the EZSeries Text software, They are assigned a specific number by which they are referenced and archived. When the word memory location dedicated for PLC Type messages points to a specific message number, the message corresponding to that number is displayed on the panel.