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<strong>EZSeries Text</strong>panels<strong>EZSeries Text</strong>panel

EZSeries Textpanel HMIs

The EZSeries Text character-based PLC operator interface was introduced by AVG in January 2001. The combination of its EZ to program features, rugged construction, high noise immunity and a very aggressive low price has made EZSeries Textpanel the favorite of thousands of control engineers world wide. This product series has been continuously enhanced by AVG to add a number of new communication protocols and new bright vacuum fluorescent displays. Most recently, we have added DH-485 protocol to EZSeries Text which allows it to replace Allen Bradley's obsolete Data Liners at a fraction of the cost.

These operator interfaces are the most sensible PLC Text Panels in the market today. EZSeries Text support serial drivers for Aromat, Idec, CTC, Omron, Allen Bradley, GE, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Seimens, Automation Direct and EZAutomation's EZPLC's.

The key features of EZSeries Textpanels are:

  • Each PLC variable can have its own data instead of having to route all PLC data through a number of fixed registers and requiring cumbersome ladder programming
  • Has up to 256 messages that can have upto 3 embedded variables
  • Has PLC message indicator LED that tells the operator that the PLC triggered a message
  • Built in menu system makes it EZ to use for the operator
  • Heavy duty mounting gasket
  • EZSeries Text Panels have EMI filtered power supply which reduces noise and communication problems.
  • EZ Multidrop is an EZ Multiplexer communication master unit which allows up to 5 EZSeries Text Panels to communicate with a single PLC
  • Fits in the same cutout dimensions as OP-1000 and OP-600 series Optimate panels
  • Vaccum fluorescent display option for 2 line character display which has greater visibility and a wider viewing angle
  • Programmable high bright LED annunciator lamps elimate the need for external indicator lamps, thus saving hundreds of dollars
  • Vast array of PLC drivers including DH-485
  • Extremely thin profile, 1.154" depth
  • EZ to use programming software with menu configuration similar to your computer file folders
  • EZSeries Text Panel programming cable is available; communication cable between PLC to EZSeries Text is available.
  • EZSeries Text OEM update utility is free software which allows the users to download new or updated projects to the EZ Multidrop or to individual panels without requiring the EZSeries Text programming software