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NEW Low Cost 6" HMI + PLC + I/O Ideal for replacing Push Buttons & Analog Meters or for Small Machines

EZSeries TouchPLC™ introduces its newest HMI-PLC combo unit, the EZTouchPLC Jr™, the smallest thin-film-transistor (TFT) touchpanel with a built-in programmable logic controller and input-output (I/O) connections. This “all-in-one control solution” minimizes wiring in a small space, The 3.5" or 5.7" TFT color screen, with 65K colors, includes a white LED back-lit display. It includes 22 I/O or 28 I/O options.

Models include: 8 DC inputs and 6 DC outputs; 8 DC inputs and 6 DC outputs, 4 Analog in, 4 Analog out (voltage) with 12-bit resolution; 16 DC inputs and 8 DC outputs; or 16 DC inputs, 8 DC outputs, 2 Analog in, 2 Analog out (voltage or current) with 12-bit resolution. Single programming environment for PLC (ladder logic) and HMI applications. Data logging and recipe features are built-in, along with auto-tune proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control. Ethernet for programming and remote access are available as options.

HMI Features

  • 3.5" or 5.7" TFT Color Touchscreen
  • Built in Image Library (4000+ Symbols)
  • Advanced Alarm Messages & Screens
  • Email & Text Message Alerts
  • Trending Graphs
  • Data logging
  • Up to 999 User designed screens
  • Patented Online Edit of HMI (No Machine Downtime, Edit on the Fly)
  • Ethernet Port for Remote Access and connectivity to PLCs, AC Drives, or 3rd party devices
  • Dual Driver Support to simultaneously interface with Major Brand PLCs or AC Drives (Allen Bradley, ABB, Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Automation Direct etc.)

PLC Features

  • Fixed I/O: 22 and 28 I/O configurations with and without analog
  • Auto-tune PID, up to 4 independent loops
  • Advanced Math Function Blocks
  • Recipe Editing
  • Date, Time and Event Based Control


  • Extensive driver support: Connectivity to Automation control products such as PLCs and AC Drives (only on Ethernet models)
  • Allen-Bradley Ethernet I/P (MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix)
  • Siemens Ethernet ISO over TCP/IP
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Automation Direct Ethernet (DirectLogics, Clicks, Do-More, Productivity Series)
  • SRTP for GE networks

I/O Options

Built-In 22 I/O Option

  • 8 DC Inputs, 6 DC Outputs (without Analog I/O)
  • 8 DC Inputs, 6 DC Outputs,4 Analog In,4 Analog Out (Voltage)

Built-In 28 I/O Option

  • 16 DC Inputs, 8 DC Outputs (without Analog I/O)
  • 16 DC Inputs, 8 DC Outputs, 2 Analog In, 2 Analog Out (Voltage)
  • 16 DC Inputs, 8 DC Outputs, 2 Analog In, 2 Analog Out (Current)