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What is EZ TouchPLC Micro?

Honorable Mention Recipient of Control Engineering's 2014 Engineers' Choice Awards!

EZTouchPLC Micro is the First integrated package from EZAutomation with its most innovative & cost effective Micro PLC in its class. It comprises of 48 I/O including Counters/Timers/Relays/Sequencers & Analog I/O. Large screw-down terminal blocks offer easier wiring capabilities in a smaller package, while increasing application flexibility.

What does it have?

  • Integrated Touchpanel and PLC with single tag database and programming software using same programming port.
  • Total Program/Data memory 64K
  • Fast scantime, 5ms for 1K instructions
  • Incredible 3-D graphical objects: pushbuttons, numeric entry, meters, line graphs, PID faceplates, etc. All are high-speed, vector-based objects with amazing scalability.
  • 24 Discrete Digital Input points, 8 Relay Ouput points, 8 Digital Ouput points (Source), 8 Analog In/Out (Voltage/ Current)
  • Powerful Ladder Logic instruction set incl. Advanced Math
  • RS232 communication port
  • Supports ASCII instructions
  • User PLC program stored in Flash
  • 8 Auto-tuned PID loops
  • Retentivity for Tag values
  • Two configurable 20 KHz Inputs
  • RS 485 port for expansion to 256 I/O