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Unique Combination of the Most Powerful HMI Touch screen panel and a High Performance Modular PLC

EZSeries Touch Panel HMI PLC is a unique combination of the most powerful touch panel at the front and a high end modular PLC at the back. 

Most of the manufacturers offering combination of a HMI touch panel and a PLC have a single processor which controls the operation of the PLC as well as touch panel. Typically it contains a single power supply for both PLC and HMI functions. In these integrated HMI units, inputs and outputs are usually fixed. A single processor Touch Panel / PLC combination will inevitably decrease the performance of the system. Fixed I/O also limits the use of such products.

EZSeries HMI Touch Panel PLC is a dramatic change in the state-of-the art of Touch panel and PLC combination products. EZSeries Touch PLC has dual processors, dual power supplies and modular inputs and outputs at an incredibly low price for a 6" HMI Touch panel and 16 discrete inputs and outputs. 

EZSeries HMI Touch Panel PLC has a dual processor, 2 separate coldfire 40 mhz RISC processors, one each for Touch Panel and PLC. These higher end CPU's increases the performance and reliability of the EZSeries Touch PLC. Most of the vendors manufacturing integrated Touch Panel and PLC have only 1 power supply unit which makes their system less reliable, where as EZ Series HMI Touch PLC has separate power supplies for both Touch Panel and PLC. This feature enhances the reliability of this combination product. Other integrated PLC and Touch Panel products have fixed inputs and outputs, and limited expandability. EZ Series Touch Screen PLC I/O's are modular which gives the user a variety of options to design a good and an efficient system. If the user wants to expand his I/O's, it can be accomplished through built-in RS-485/RS-422 port which supports modbus RTU. Addition of I/O's can also be done through optional Ethernet port which supports modbus TCP/IP protocol. EZSeries TouchPLC can act as a modbus master and as well as slave. 

Optional Devicenet slave card and optional Profibus slave card is available which can communicate to a master device on their respective Devicenet and Profibus network. If optional Profibus slave card is used then 244 bytes of data can be exchanged between the Profibus master and the PLC. With DeviceNet slave card 256 bytes of data can be exchanged between DeviceNet master and PLC.

The PLC in the EZ Series Touch HMI PLC is essentially the same EZPLC available as a stand-alone product. This is a high-end modular PLC sporting 3ms scan time, 64K byte of user memory, 8192 variables, 8 PID loops, and plug-in I/O modules including intelligent counter and PLS modules. This PLC also features extremely easy to use Drag-n-Drop software. 

Integration of a HMI Touch Panel and a PLC into one unit, also eliminates the need for a second enclosure. This is ideal for machine control which is tight for space and tight on budget. 

All the above features make the EZ Series HMI Touch Panel PLC ideal, unique and more reliable than other products in the industry. 

EZ Series Touch HMI PLC is a patent pending design having a powerful touch panel with SCADA features and a High end Modular PLC, all in less than 4" depth.