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AVG Automation (US) is the manufacturer of hardened industrial products for the manufacturing, OEM, mining and automotive industries. With well know brand names such as Uticor, EZAutomation and Autotech these products have the reputation of being "built like a tank" to ensure longevity in the toughest environments. Uticor AVG offers a comprehensive range of HMI’S and Marquee (LED displays) for industry, utilising many well known factory network solutions. Autotech offers a range of PLS’s and resolvers for heavy duty position control systems used by manufacturers with stamping and packaging requirements-just to name a few.

Uticor products meet the toughest of specification and are built to handle the harshest applications. That's why they have the built like a tank reputation. Should your application be less demanding then why not consider the lighter build version of the Uticor range marketed under the EZAutomation brand. www.ezautomation.com.au With 95% of the Uticor features but priced for the cost sensitive market the EZAutomation line is unbeatable value for money.

EZAutomation supplies industrial automation equipment such as HMI touch screens, panels, operator interfaces, industrial computers and PCs, PLCs, programmable logic controllers, flat panel monitors, LED Marquee electronic displays. We focus our expertise on supplying factory automation products and solutions while providing comprehensive service and support facilities right here in Sydney with a full compliment of spare parts for fast turn-around times.

Our range of products includes respected and industry leading brands such as: Autotech, EZAutomation and Uticor.

Our core business revolves around providing system integrators with a large choice of operator interfaces, touch screens, panels and industrial computers right through to large OEM's with a complete range of PLCs, industrial PCs and electronic scoreboards and signs. We even have speciality resolvers, PLS units, shaft and rotary encoders and more.

Integral to the sale of our products is the technical and application assistance utilising over 30 years of combined experience in the application service and support of automation equipment. Our line-up of industry-leading products coupled with our in-house technical resources enable us to assist you with high quality products, excellent product knowledge and superior application support.